Haute Momma: NMS (New Mom Stuff)

Hey Peoples!!!  It has been months since I’ve written anything and yes I’m not sorry for it either lol.  Me, Miss Coco had to get some rest, well still trying to anyway.  If you didn’t know several months ago I became a new mom to a handsome baby boy.   This monumental event has definitely placed many of my hobbies and past times on standstill.  So pretty much my sewing took a nose dive.  The last garment I’ve sewn for myself was the dress I wore for my baby shower.  To see the dress as well as other visuals from my baby shower  visit my blog post Dressing the Bump. 


While on hiatus, I was trying to figure out what to blog.  Clearly I wasn’t sewing anything and I really had false expectations of what I was going to do once the baby arrived.  I figured I was going to workout, sew a couple of outfits for my new slim and trim body like I was getting ready for an US weekly photo shoot, hang out with the girls, brunch,  sip some cocktails, do a little after-work schmoozing and socializing. (Note to reader: It’s ok to take this moment and laugh at my delusional, naive self. )  I allowed my mind to  go the extremes fantasizing about  glamorized Motherhood.  But oh, my little man changed that very quick.  Let’s just say his cries are humbling and real.

I then realized, well my blog doesn’t have to be solely based upon sewing, though sewing serves as the main core.  So I figured why not share my experience as a new mom with other soon to be new moms who like me were confused, anxious and clueless as to what to expect.

Thus the idea of Haute Momma was born.  I can’t wait to share with you guys my birthing experience, talks of feeding, diapering, the ups, downs my bounce back body journey and other craziness I experienced thus far.


As of now I am planning my comeback to the sewing machine.  There are so many patterns, fabrics and looks I want to recreate, but baby steps, literally, lol.  Time is precious and he takes up majority of it lol.    Be on the look out for my first post of the Haute Momma series: My Birthing Experience.

Now for the debut of my Jerry Berry. We will call him JB for short here.

Jerry Jerry Bo Berry
Jerry Jerry Bo Berry

Til next time

Coco aka Muva Bear

The 180 Skirt

Hey Peoples, its your girl Coco with another Sew Post. While summer is coming close an end and with fall approaching its time to start sewing my autumn wardrobe. I do need some solid pieces but if you know one thing about me fashion wise is that I love prints. The most lovely of prints in my opinion are Ankara fabric.