Blogger Scene DC: Winter Cocktail Party 2015

Hey Peoples I am super-duper late with this post. I promise if you read along with me it will be worth the wait. So as you know from a previous post before Blogger Scene: Winter 2015.  I was planning on an outfit to wear to the Blogger Scene event  (as I always do),  well not to just plan an outfit but sew it. Going out whether it be a social, cocktail party or fashion event is always a good excuse to clutter up my house with thread, cutting boards, fabric, a serger and sewing machine.

Unlike other times where I am always working down to the wire to come up with something (Don’t know why but I always get a procastinators rush when I am near a deadline), I decided to pace myself and span my whole sewing process out a weeks time.  So this is how my process would work,  one day would be for pattern prepping.  This is where I would get my commercial pattern that I plan to use, trace it on a separate paper and cut out my pattern pieces.  I would also wash my fabric to pre shrink any fibers to ensure I don’t have any fit issues later when I do decide to launder my garment.  The next day would be just for cutting my fabric with my pattern pieces.  The remaining days after would be just dedicated to sewing my garment.  Sounds easy right, I did too lol.  However my executed outfit choice didn’t go as planned.  I will get back to that a little later, but for before I do lets discuss Blogger Scene…

For those who haven’t read my past post Blogger Scene DC or never heard of a Blogger Scene Event I’ll brief you on the details.  Blogger Scene is a series of Cocktail Parties hosted by DMV Bloggers Ashley of Ashley In DC and Sisters Natalie and Erika of The Fashionably Broke.  The purpose of these parties are to provide a venue for other local DMV bloggers to network, socialize and learn the ins and outs of blogging through a panel of seasoned bloggers.  This event took place this past January at the Gryphon in DC.IMG_7619
IMG_7587 IMG_7602

Now its not all just talking and sipping cocktails there is also a fun aspect to these events…the giveaways.  I guarantee you my main drive for going is not for the hopes of winning something.  As a matter of fact I feel like I am winning when I am getting out the house lol. IMG_7613 IMG_7612 IMG_7605

Well at least the people I roll with are winners. Both of my girls Tanya and my Sis Sommar of Do it With Sass  were the few of the lucky winners that night. IMG_7632

My Oh So Fab Crew!!! Lt to rt Sommar, Tanya and Ye.  But wait a second do you see my girl Ye’s Jacket though.  We will save that for another post being that I don’t want to be all over the place lol.

Alright so now your wondering ok Coco, well where are you and what did you wear to Blogger Scene.  Oh yes, right my outfit.  Ok so back to my sewing-in-pace process.  Though it was very effective with regards to me keeping time and not rushing another sewing project, the original outfit just didn’t work out.  I know all that planning, cutting and sewing.  I didn’t anticipate the fitting process. Booooooo.  My plans were to wear a pencil skirt and a funky sweatshirt I had made. Its ok though, I kept my composure and just did what I do best, go back to the drawing board and improvise. I keep forgetting I’m sewing for a different body type and I’m not built like I’m use to. Yeah your girl is carrying a little extra weight. Lets just say #LeggoMyPreggo. IMG_7627MN1008-ruched-maternity-skirt-01_1024x1024IMG_7624

For this outfit I used the Megan Nielsen Maternity Ruched Pencil Skirt Pattern.  Thankfully this skirt is easy and quick to sew since I found myself again in a procrastinating position.  I simply paired the skirt with a black wrap top I already had in my wardrobe, and complimented my outfit with some simple jewelry and metallic heels. The fabric I used came from one of my Mom’s friends who was selling all of her fabric.  I lucked out with this floral knit.  All in all I am satisfied on how it turned out.  Guess I will be doing less with wovens and more with knits now I have a bump as an accessory.

This is going to be an interesting sewing journey for me as I’ve never had to sew anybody’s maternity anything.  I’m sure I will have some hiccups along the way, but I accept the challenge.  Besides with a little faith and prayer all things are possible.


Til Next Time



Vogue 8825: Modern Twist on Vintage

Hey Peoples!!!! Oh my Goodness. Let me tell you guys I’ve been a lazy somebody. I’ll be perfectly honest I have had many days where I would come home from work, bypass my sewing machine and head straight to bed. I confess, I love sewing but I am not in love with it at the same time, please don’t judge me lol. Thank goodness I was able to pull a project together. I hate making promises to others as well as myself and fail to fall through.

For this sew project I decided on Vogue 8825. My inspiration for choosing this look was Amy Adams wardrobe in American Hustle. A prime example on how 70s fashion was chic, feminine and bold without the stereotypical cliche tackiness of peace signs and overly exaggerated bellbottoms. american-hustle-amy-adams-1 I love this dress for several reasons, it was easy to sew, its figure flattering and the silhouette is reminiscent of a vintage 1970s dress. V8825-1V8825



I even found this vintage pattern, also by Vogue, which offers a similar silhouette. I would imagine for an experienced sewer it wouldn’t take much difficulty to alter Vogue 8825 to mirror this vintage pattern. 70s-empire-maxi-dress

For this pattern I used knit fabric. I must say I tend to favor woven fabric over knits, probably because I like being able to manipulate it. Thankfully the sewing instructions were pretty straight forward resulting in a lower probability for error. The only alterations I made was to add more length so I can achieve below knee length. IMG_2158 IMG_2092 IMG_2170 IMG_2160 IMG_2226 Oh just in case I get any inquires about the faux fur jacket, this gem was purchased over 10 years ago.

Oh before I forget. You may also notice the obvious…my images. I don’t mind doing my own photos but I decided for my blog I’ll switch it up from time to time.  Yeah, for this post I wanted to step my game up. I would normally shot with my own camera, but this time I wanted to get a professional. For this task I enlisted my photog buddy Jeffrey Perkins of J. Perk Productions.  Please if your in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area, check him out and book your shoot.


Until Next Time…….

P.S.  Hold dear to that garment or accessory that can always stand the test of time.

The 180 Skirt

Hey Peoples, its your girl Coco with another Sew Post. While summer is coming close an end and with fall approaching its time to start sewing my autumn wardrobe. I do need some solid pieces but if you know one thing about me fashion wise is that I love prints.  The most lovely of prints in my opinion are Ankara fabric.  Its in a nutshell a 6 yard 45 inch wide bolt of boldness, color and excitement.389762_10200784017016466_1109773403_n1053402_10200907396060865_592650367_o So these two outfits were from my early sewing days. My first pair of pants using McCalls M6514 and My first Pretty Girls Sew sew along project using Vogue Pattern V8788. This project I wanted something simplistic, comfortable and that doesn’t take all day to make.  For those days when I don’t want to do any extreme projects I tend to go for simplistic patterns that contain 6 or less pattern pieces.  For this project I decided I wanted to make a circle skirt using my Ankara fabric. Because of width of the fabric I wasn’t able to pull off a full circle skirt but I managed to do half circle skirt instead. For calculations and drafting I referred to my ever growing sewing reference library. A good online resource for doing a self drafted circle skirt is this cool circle skirt app. IMG_6999IMG_6991IMG_6990 Making this skirt was fairly easy, beginner friendly and quick which makes this a perfect project for days I really don’t feel like spending hours upon hours sewing and pressing. IMG_6981

Until Next time.  (Looking at that Pink and Green at the bottom right corner, definitely will be doing a post once I figure out what to do with it)



Hey peoples this will be a quick post being that I’ve already posted on the Vogue 8825.  Well I was watching Fox’s new hit show Empire featuring Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson on Wednesday as usual when I noticed something…Hey Cookie (Empire’s break out character in my mind) is wearing a dress similar to mine.  This had me totally geeked!!!  Its a good feeling to see something you made similar to something you’ve seen on TV.

Let me know what you think?
Vogue 8825

Coco and Cookie

Picking the Right Print

Hey Peoples, its been a minute since my last post. Have I been sewing yes, posted what I’ve sewn on social media well no. Like most sewers I have what you’d call USPs or Unfinished Sewing Projects. I promise on all my bobbins, needles and thread I will have them finished, hemmed, fitted and trimmed.

Now on to the topic, Picking the Right Print. One thing I hear a lot from people on the street, friends, family, as-sew-ciates/sew friends (my play on associates), fabric suppliers/distributors is that I have a good eye for prints. For me picking prints is like selecting art, in the case of fabric wearable art. Depending on my mood I can go for something subtle, eclectic, graphic or traditional.

What I’d like to share is one of my processes for selecting fabric. Recently my Sew Sister Ye of Sew Urbane and I decided to take a quick pilgrimage to one of the top fashion capitals of the world NYC. IMG_7561 For our quick trip we decided to visit the MET and afterward do a little fabric shopping. IMG_7556 I was more so looking forward to the MET, especially getting a chance to visit the Costume Institute! Yay!!! Oh but when we got there it was closed BOOOOOOO!!!! I wasn’t at all happy, but I had to remain positive and take this as an opportunity to take my camera and take in all the other exhibits as inspiration towards future fabric and textile purchases.

My inspiration came from West Africa, France, Greece and Italy. These are a few of my favorite pictures from the MET. IMG_7546 IMG_7485 IMG_7456 IMG_7453 IMG_7432IMG_7479
After our visit to the MET we were ready to do some shopping. We decided this time to just go to one place for Fabric. I can admit shopping for fabric itself can be loads of fun but can be mentally draining. Not having any idea of what color(s), textile type, yardage or even what direction your trying to go can make your shopping experience daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way, make your experience like walking through a museum or an art gallery.

IMG_7568 AKN Fabrics IMG_7570 Now that’s a lot of fabric, however you don’t have to let it overwhelm you. Here are my pics based on my recent trip to the MET. IMG_7580 (Inspired by the vase) IMG_7576 (Graphic print reminiscent of the graphic striped wall) IMG_7575 (black and ivory vases)

Hopefully these tips I use can help you out on your next fabric excursion, keep you from becoming overwhelmed, scratching your head in utter confusion. Make it fun, use the world around you for inspiration and happy shopping.

Til Next Time